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Drainage Channel HYDROblock®

Made of cast iron for heavy duty

The main causes for damage on a drainage channel are – especially in the heavy duty field, horizontal and thrust forces, that depending on the load can cause material fatigue of the channel body, the edge rail an the grates.


The drainage channel HYDROblock is made from rugged, ductile cast iron and can be used up to load class F900. The monolithic design with integrated socket seal reduces noise emissions and simplifies a liquid-tight installation.


Perfect for Crosswise traffic

The channel withstands the highest loads (class F 900) and is ideally suited for longitudinal and crosswise traffic.


Rattle-free operation

The channel is rattle-free in operation due to its monolithic design.


Smart seal system

HYDROblock® drainage channels are connected by an integrated seal which enables an immediate watertight connection without additional sealing.

Pedestrian design

HYDROblock® is also available with a slot width of 12 mm - standard slot width 22 mm.


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