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Drainage Channel MAXIpur

In order to better balance the forces acting on our MAXI drainage channel and thus increase the operating times, we have developed the MAXIpur drainage channel.


The drainage channel is equipped with the innovative PUR insert, which is already successfully used in our manhole covers. The insert ensures rattle-free operation and reduces the wear and abrasion values of our cast materials.


Rattle-free drainage

The cast grating is equipped with a firmly encapsulated polyurethane insert according to the proven HYDROpur® system. The PUR coating of the grating prevents contact of cast grate on cast frame and thus ensures rattle-free operation.


Minimal wear

The insert ensures a better balance of forces and less wear and tear on the materials. Depending on the load on the channel, longer operating times are possible with this feature.


The sheathed grating can be exchanged for other gratings of the MAXI system without much effort.


Good resistance

The PUR insert fulfils the following resistance:

  • frost and de-icing salt resistant

  • chemically resistant

  • mineral oil resistant


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